Jess Stuart Founder & Summit Organiser

I'm delighted to share with you this introduction to the summit and interview with me to let you know more about who I am and why I do this. This interview will feature some key components of issues I've discussed with all the women in the summit. Including health, wellness, confidence, busyness, balance, success, challenges and more.

About Jess

I help busy, high achievers build confidence, self-awareness and resilience to realise their potential.

An Imposter Syndrome expert who specialises in Women in Leadership I have a background in Senior HR roles and a decade in the corporate world. Highly acclaimed event speaker. Featured on TV3, BBC, RNZ, Dominion Post, Stuff and NZ Business Magazine.

International speaker, coach and author of three personal development books. The latest of which, The Superwoman Survival Guide, is designed to help women unlock their potential and thrive at life. Giving practical advice and tips for building resilience, leveraging strengths whilst navigating fear, getting over self-doubt and mastering the art of balance.

I believe that tapping into your potential doesn’t mean doing more or having to be different. It’s uncovering what’s already there and being enough as you are.